Drifting in the Void

This is an experiment.
These are my thoughts.
This is unfiltered.

Endless being in a second of rest.
But how to find these?
How to recognize these?
Without planning, organizing, structuring?
How to let yourself fall?
Have you ever tried to stop time? Have you ever tried someone, who is important to you, to get him or her in a timeless second of all our hectic hours and a little closer to his own just through your words? The compactness of a second, of silence and thoughtlessness, can be as voluminous as the transience of the moment when we catch sight of endless valleys from the train window before being taken from the next tunnel or the next wall. Still, it was there and could be more moving than all the other 86.399 seconds of our day.
Did you find that one second, that wonderful, inspiring, infinite second: I call that second: Drifting in the Void

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