Letters in brain

Think of a kind of FAQ or guide. The thought came to me when I thought I’d like to write a few words about the blog and the texts here.
It has a reason why I write the three identical headlines about every article. For me, this blog is and remains an experiment and a kind of pool where I can collect my thoughts.
When I write, it has something meditative and inspiring for me. I do not write an article about days or even in fragments. I do not force myself into a rhythm in which I want to publish new texts. I am not a theologist, not a philosopher and not an esoteric. I am not a counselor, nothing is universal or the purest and truest truth. Or maybe this is all right? Anyway, that never was my intention.

“If we always think our minds and thoughts in our heads, no one will ever hear them at all.“

I write out of a need. Whenever a new article lands here, something triggered me in my everyday life. A thought, a book, a conversation, a picture, whatever. It triggers something and it starts to float in my head and at some point I find moments of this something to grasp and to reflect for me and I like doing that while I’am writing. That’s why the articles appear sporadically and represent my reflection on a particular topic. When I write I am in the flow. The thoughts are flowing, everything is arranged and I recognize what triggered me, my behavior or that of my fellow human beings again and in this moments I develop myself further or process certain situations with it. That’s why I can write these texts in one try. Music belongs to this process. It’s almost a rush. A symbiosis of jumping fingers and connecting thoughts.
At the end there is a text — therefore always the introductory hint — /That is unfiltered/. Because that’s actually a fact. I correct grammar and spelling errors to the best of my conscience and that’s it.

Some say it is daring or courageous to share it publicly. The feedback could not be more diverse. From some, wonderful discussions, exchange, recognition and common thinking arise. Others reject it, stamping it, drawers, off-hook, esoteric, nonsense and reactions like that. That’s perfectly normal and right — as always in life, not everything meets understanding people and a moment in which everyone recognizes himself.
To private for the public? Not in my opinion. Between the lines, people who know me may know things, but only those. I share thoughts, views and discoveries.

We all have an opinion, views and thoughts and I think they are more than worth sharing. Open interaction creates development, exchange, everybody benefits from each another, helps each other, inspires each other. If we wrap our thoughts in ourselves and close them into our head, who should hear them? That’s why these words, this blog.

That’s why an experiment.
That’s why my thoughts.
That’s why unfiltered.

More than a few short words. One of my weaknesses. A small one. ;)

If you want to read more articles like this or just want to see some of my works go to:

29 | Interaction Designer | V I B E L L I O www.vibell.io

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