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Spend your thoughts some calm

You know the feeling — the feeling of wanting so much and yet having so little time. You imagine how you have done all the activities and tasks in your head and how much better you and your life are after that. But if you want it all at once, in the end, you will not get it and get stuck, in your mind, in your thoughts. Here are hiding two wonderful ways of thinking and approaches. Try to uncover them and realize what you are really all about.

Start in the very personal jumble of your head. You want to start this project, read the book, reach the milestone in sports or achieve a certain professional success. All nice goals and plans, all big, time consuming and hardly to accommodate your already dwindling time.

Imagine this confusion in your mind. This woven ball can consist of many things. Imagine it for the moment as a collection of lanes, tracks on which you can go, drive, roll — but not if they are all knotted together and not at all at the same time.

Unwrap them, unknot them and untie this ball. Take your time. You are in the middle of this tangle. Full of expectations, full of energy.
Step out of this position and look at everything from the outside, from a neutral and calm position. Quiet, an important factor to pursue and implement your ideas. First, realize what you’re up to — rejoice — look forward to each lane and where it leads you — look forward to your new self, new memories and new people you meet. But keep the following in mind and that’s important:

Only with inner peace and serenity over your project you can truly enjoy the paths and learn from them. This peace can only be found by taking the stress out of you and not wanting everything at once. You reach them by understanding that you are actually planning and doing all those things because you love the way, the process, and you enjoy doing it. And when you reach the goals that you want, new ones are waiting for you — again and again. And you are neither a worse nor a better or even more valuable or desirable person. No, you are on your way to your new milestones — and on this you will constantly develop and reinvent yourself — the very person and personality that you should be in your life at this point.

So dissolve the tracks! Do not see it as a waterfall with just one point from which you can jump into your new adventure — no — take the pressure, take the time, the peace and the vision and look at your project from the following angle:

You sit. You are quiet. You are satisfied. Your eyes closed. In your ears blows a quiet but exciting wind. A wind that carries something powerful and breathtaking. You feel what lies ahead but it is still hidden from you. From your rest you open your eyes — perfectly clear and without pressure you are looking at free-floating mountains over an endless abyss of soft pink clouds surrounding by mist — all completely beyond the applicable physical laws. Each of these mountains — each a paradise of their own — floats before you, waiting for you to be explored and discovered by you. Each of these paradises awaits you with unbelievably inspiring and exciting tasks and places — and you will enjoy the journey on each one of them — each journey on each mountain will last as long as you think necessary — the other mountains are waiting for you and change constantly hovering your position as it is best for you in the next step.

Imagine these mountains as the aforementioned orbits, your ideas, your plans. Can you see it? Can you see how great the path to your goals, the actual journey, the exploration of these mountains is. Do you see how much freedom you can go these ways and that all other ways are waiting for you at the right time. They give you new memories, new reflections and insights. And every step you take.
This is life! Not the first mountain, not the last and no overriding goal, but just that, the journey, the way!
They make you who you are and will be. Do not live in the future or in the past — that’s not technically possible yet — so do not try it in your head — it will create a cage, boundaries and blocks — you do not need all of that.

Are you on a path that you do not like? Stop, step aside and look at it. We are children of our own decisions and nobody has made them for us. The moment you make them, you do them with a clear conscience and you believe that is the best for you. Never forget that — at some point you thought that would be just right way and maybe it was for a while.

If you find yourself on a path that you do not like, accept who guided you on it and go back to your decision and ask yourself why you made them that way and why you would do it differently today. Do not judge yourself for it and do not give yourself to the frustration of this supposed mistake. Recognize. Understand. Accept. Take that reflection in and out of you and learn from it — and you’ll understand what you need to do to get back on the path that’s the only one for you.

Never forget the following:

“Time & minutes, the currency that really matters.“

The most valuable thing we have and ever will have in this world is time. As relative and strange as it can sometimes be, it is a gift. A gift that we sometimes forget and rarely consciously experience. If you are on your way to your goal, your idea — do not miss the path — do not miss the time you spend on it. Imagine you are training for a marathon. For this I leave you with the following question:

If you train 100 times and you get a little bit better each time, it will always be a bit easier for you, 100 times with an even brighter smile and radiant joy to tell your friends about it, you will feel fitter, faster and happier and for all the next few times you can not wait to wholeheartedly and with ardent enthusiasm to compete the next few kilometers and you feel really complete …

… yeah, what was the question again?

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