Liquify Your Mind

Spend your thoughts some calm

This is an experiment.
These are my thoughts.
This is unfiltered.

Liquid thoughts.
Is that something good? Is that something bad?
How is that supposed to work? How to liquify your own thoughts and let them flow again, as they grow too fast into a tough web of stiff habits and all the overwhelming ideas and new experiences of the time.

How to live all the paths, all the desires, all the ideas and motivated projects at the same time? And is there time for that at all?
If we want too much at once, too much to do, too much to achieve, and too fast to get to many goals at once, we’re stuck. We stay in a web of thoughts about “What if?” — and “When do I have the time?” And stay on the spot and can not follow any of our beautiful inspirations. Worse still — we torture ourselves with the idea of ​​unachieved goals and milestones. It’s time. Time to break loose and go, swim, fly, run. Dissolve and do not go all paths at once, go one at a time and start in your head:
Liquify your Mind.

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