Of Valleys & Mountains

There are enough comparisons. Our life is represented in all possible forms, graphs, diagrams, colors and pictures.
Everyone interprets it differently, everyone gives different tips, everyone knows it better, everyone knows worse.

No matter how you turn it — we make mistakes. We get up again. We make the wrong decision — we get up again. We stand in front of a wall — we break through it, fly over it or just take a different path. We keep getting up no matter how hard we fell. An eternal cycle. We learn from every scar, every fall, every loss and everything that goes with it.

There are always exceptions. Exceptions that bring us completely out of balance. Exceptions that may throw our lives we live completely off course.
They can be good, they can be bad. What is decisive is what we make of them, how we go on and deal with them.
Grief, loss, fear, envy, failure, disappointment — all these feelings — they drive us into the deepest valleys of our emotions — we find ourselves in a dark place. Maybe we were there before — maybe we know it well, too well. Perhaps we had hoped we would never come back here — left it behind, walled it up and locked it forever — and yet we are there. There is something here. Something we know and gives us familiarity. A rope, a ladder, a help that helped us out of here last time and will do it again and again — it gets easier, every time a little bit more. Getting up, going on, trying again, second chance.

We know where we ended up last time after that. We know what light we got after the last ascent, what we learned, how strong we became.
This familiarity, the place, the way, take it and rely on it — give yourself the chance of the positive in this dark place and recognize what lies ahead, how well you will be soon and how far you have been come since the last time. No matter how many times you fall down into this deep dark valley — it’s a little higher each time — it’s a little brighter every time and a little closer to where you last fell — the peaks of your emotions — They are the short and huge highs in your life — adrenaline, high, fly, float, drop, laugh, scream, celebrate & happiness, pure happiness. You feel like in a frenzy, could tear out trees and all the happiness and light that flows through you is hard to believe. You jumped so high — you feel invincible. It came out of nowhere, didn’t expect it — that makes it way more intense. It’s so warm up here, so bright, so beautiful — you’ll never want to leave again. It is exactly this beauty that you cling to, you give everything in order not to fall and exactly in the dogged attempt to do everything right you fall the harder, fall the deeper and just want to get back into this feeling, this wonderful place you can see from so deep down.

The difference in height of these two places — only you determine how this behaves in your life. Proportional? Towards 0? Exponentially? Linear?
You have also been to this place, the highest so far, to see the place where you last fell.
See the deep fall that you never want to fall again. Have respect, awe, fear — of the loss of all the things, the values, the feelings that you have up here.
And here your path divides. Get out of you — out far.
Look at your path to the point farther, farther away — look where you stand.
Do you recognize it — the curve? The curve of your life and all your successes and failures? It goes up and down, up and down, up and down — it never stops. It will never go just up or just down — but one thing can happen. Look at the highest points. Look at the lowest points. Connect the highest points. Connect the lowest points.
You decide what is now revealed to you!
Are these lines completely horizontal? Or do they go up?
Do these lines run in parallel? Or one day they will cross each other.

At these extreme points, take a moment to recognize what led you to them. Realize what you took on for the hard climb. Realize which steps have dropped you so deep. And especially recognize which paths were absolutely out of your power. So you learn from every extreme, grow from it and become stronger, more solid, more stable. You will fly up and down again and again.
But! If you concentrate on everything positive around you and always emerge with strong will and new energy from everything that stands in your way, you will always fly a little higher and will never fall as deep as before. Because at some point — and then your lines will rise:

“Then your darkest valleys are exactly where your highest heights used to be …”

It is a cold evening in the approaching winter. No plans. Let it float. Enjoy time, enjoy being, sounds and visions of artists from all over the world touch your senses and unfold your imagination. Float and find the center. Inspiration. Creativity. They flow. The notes of the music carry you spontaneously into the cold night and completely relaxed you just let the time go. Just turn the world. You don’t know what to expect and that’s exactly how it should be — you are in the middle of it and no matter whether you fly or fall, you know you will always find your way back here and look forward to every step with which you continue to grow and still can find more about yourself. Then a door opens, a hand, a moment, a place, a word and it catapults you as strongly as it can after a long time:

Directly into your darkest valley or your highest mountain, as close to the sun as never before.

They are waiting for you …

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