Transcendent Path

Rise into nebula before impossibility

This is an experiment.
These are my thoughts.
This is unfiltered.

Sometimes we walk through our lives and feel something.
We feel something in many ways. A split feeling.
At the same time, we notice that something bothers us, something is blocked, something is frustrated, something that needs to be changed. On the other hand, we see something new, a new way, a new self, a new possibility.
Maybe the previously described feeling will be triggered by the second and we will not be aware of things we want to change or disturb us until the new ones fall into our attention and we recognize, that we do like them. I would like to turn these thoughts into a metaphor and a little story.

Imagine in your mind’s eye: You walk along a beautiful beach, as the most eloquent authors and the most creative artists could not draw. But a thunderstorm follows you with every step you take. It pushes a wall of cold and gloomy air in front of it, making everything darker and drab. Actually, you’re looking forward to the sounds and warm scents that you’ll experience in a short blink. You look left and right and everywhere, seeing an old broken wooden boat under a protective blanket of tall palm trees. You sit on an intact part of the small boat and want to turn you straight towards the sea — there you see something on a thick, smooth meter high rock wall which is completely surrounded by dense nebula: The end of a rope ladder protrudes from the bottom of the nebula and just as you are wondering where it is leading, the mist around the ladder dissolves and you can see it, the: Transcendent path.

29 | Interaction Designer | V I B E L L I O